Jeep Gladiator Urban Outfitters Tailgate Emblem

Round 2 of the Urban Jeep Outfitters Gladiator tailgate emblem installation. I wanted to replace the OEM JEEP emblem on the tailgate of our Gladiator with a raised GLADIATOR emblem. There are a few manufacturers of this kind of product and I decided to go with the Urban Jeep Outfitters product since it offered the letters and an outline. I wanted a little contrast, that’s why I wanted the outlined letters. Urban Jeep Outfitters (not a sponsor), offer many different color combinations. Let us know what color combination you’d use on your Jeep Gladiator. Anyhow, I hope that you enjoy the video and find some useful information that will make your install of the product very easy. If you have any questions, please feel free to let us know in the comments, we’ll answer as soon as possible. If you fine the video useful, please be sure to give it a thumbs up, like and consider subscribing to our channel, we’d certainly appreciate it! Check out previous post below.

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