Updating Mabel’s Fuel Delivery For Safety

There seems to have been a rash of engine fires lately that really grabbed my attention. Common causes seem to be bad/wrong fuel lines, fuel inlet to the carb and fuel filter location. I’ve had 9 vintage VW’s over the years and I’ve always placed my fuel filter in between the fuel inlet on the carb and the fuel pump. Considering the amount of loss that I’ve read about recently, I’ve decided to make Mabel a little safer. New and proper fuel lines (hers were just replaced a couple of years ago), relocation of the fuel filter, new clamps and new threaded barb for the fuel inlet on the carb. The video is pretty much self explanatory, though my video skills aren’t the best. I’ve also provided a list and link to everything that I used. Hope you find the video beneficial.

Inlet that I used:

Inlet that I considered, but didn’t use:

Drill bit for tap, size C:

Tap that I used:

Fuel filter that I use:

Clamps for the fuel lines:

Fuel hose:

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