Another New Movie Poster

duelPlaying around with Adobe Photoshop CS6, made another movie poster that I’d love to see updated to the big screen. Duel!

New Movie Poster – Vanishing Point

vanishingpointOne of my favorite car chase movies, Vanishing Point. It’d be nice to see it on the full screen again.

One Off 2013 Hot Wheels VW Turbo Beetle

camarocamaro2camaro1For the model year of 2013-2014, Chevy released approximately 1,500 special edition Hot Wheels Camaro SS. Remember spending countless hours pretending to roar around orange plastic racetracks, while you had to make your own engine noises? Or how about when you begged your mom to let you play for just five more minutes because you were in the middle of the biggest race of your Hot Wheels career? Of course, those are memories that you’ll never forget, but wouldn’t it be great to take this Kinetic Blue beauty straight out to the pavement for some real-life, awe-inspiring fun? You could even bring your mom along. Just don’t be surprised if this time around, you find her begging you for five more minutes.
Inspired by one of the sixteen original Hot Wheels toy cars, one glance will leave anyone in awe, as they fawn over the black painted 21″ red-striped wheels, black grille surround with red pinstripe, black racing stripe, and Hot Wheels logos on the front fenders, decklid and front seats.
This limited, special edition Camaro is a dream come true for millions of fans, collectors and anyone who remembers feeling that kid-like sense of wonder.
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Walking / Jogging Track

Many of you have asked about where we walk and jog in the mornings and evenings. What better way to show you than to break out the GoPro and film a warm up lap. The track is located behind Bellefonte Hospital (former Ashland Oil building) in Russell. You can check it out on Google Maps by clicking here! The video was taken on 5/8/2014 around 6pm. Enjoy!

Be sure to set it for HD 1080….

Windows Phone 8.1 (2 week review)

Windows Phone 8.1 is set to roll out in the coming months, and while, numerically, it looks like the changes should just result in a minor update, the latest version of Microsoft’s smartphone operating system is anything but. Between the introduction of the Siri-like Cortana, a new input method for the platform’s keyboard, and, finally, a proper notification system, Windows Phone has reached a new level of refinement and feels one big step closer to maturity.

But don’t be mistaken, Windows Phone 8.1 isn’t a complete re-working of the operating system. Instead, it introduces a few high-demand features and other smaller upgrades that bring it more in line with Android and iOS. Not only does the latest update deliver some significant additions, but it also gets rid of some problems that have been holding back the operating system from achieving parity with its more established competitors.

By far, my biggest gripe about Windows Phone, up until this point, has been its bare-bones notification system. Live Tiles, while attractive on the home screen, are extremely limited in terms of functionality. In order to make them work in any decent manner, you would have to make sure the app is pinned to the home screen and adjust the size of the tile to show the desired information. Even then, you couldn’t interact with the notification in any meaningful way. But these issues have been completely erradicated with Windows Phone 8.1.
The most useful addition to the operating system—and one you’ll likely take advantage of on a regular basis—is the new Action Center. Like with Android and iOS, Windows Phone users will be able to drag their finger down from the top of the screen to reveal notifications and quick settings. Notifications can either be swiped away or tapped to access, and toggling Wi-Fi or airplane mode is now as simple as tapping one of the pre-set icons. If you need to get to more settings, the standard menu can also be accessed from the pull-down shade.
Another feature that we’ve seen on Android that has made its way to Windows Phone is a swipe-enabled keyboard. Dubbed Word Flow, the new input method works just like Swype, letting users drag their finger across a series of letters to create a complete word. Microsoft’s smartphone keyboard was good to begin with, and this just makes it better.
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Nokia Lumia 1520

1520frontjpg1520cover1520My last Windows phone was a Motorola Q back in 2007. It was a good phone and the Windows Mobile software was ok at best. But there were things you could do with it that you couldn’t on any other platform. This was way before anybody ever heard of the iPhone or Android, though if memory serves, the iPhone had officially been announced. When the iPhone finally made it to the market, just like everybody else, I had to have one. As a matter of fact, iPhones were handed down in my family like precious heirlooms. First me, then Shauna, then Colby. Shauna was probably the first to own an Apple product when she received an iPod for Christmas one year. Then came the iPads, etc. Since that time in 2007, I’ve always had an iPhone and an iPad. And overall, I’ve been very pleased with them. Since I work in the IT field, they’ve been awesome tools. I haven’t always been pleased with Apples propitiatory philosophy and I absolutely hate iTunes. Then something happened in late 2012 that changed everything. Windows 8! We seen a lot of potential with Windows 8, especially if it was ported to the mobile phone. iOS and Android had a huge jump on Microsoft in the mobile phone market, so the chances of Windows 8 (mobile) becoming an instant success were dim. But it did eventually hit the market and slowly but surely, began to make it’s mark. First with the tablets and RT tablets and finally with the mobile phones. My Windows 8 tablet immediately made my iPad 2 feel like a dinosaur and it slowly took the place of my iPad as a significant tool. Once my desktops were upgraded to Windows 8, it became a no brainer that it was time to dump Apple and buy a Windows phone. The sync capabilities alone were enough to lay down my iPhone and buy a Nokia Lumia 1520. And though I’ve only had it a couple of days, I’m more impressed with it than I was the first time I picked up an iPhone. So the iPad has been sold and the iPhone is up for sale. Moving back to Windows has been a smart move…..

Hot Wheels Badges Added

rearbeforerearbeforerearbeforeAdded the GM OEM Hot Wheels badges to the Beetle. Since there’s no way I can afford an official Hot Wheels Camaro SS, I’ll settle for a custom Hot Wheels Beetle.