XBMC Remote App For Windows 8

1234Some times I come across a great app that I just have to share, whether it be a Windows app, Apple app or Google app. As a lot of you may know, I’m always tinkering with my Media Center setup. I’m currently running Windows Media Center and XBMC on a Zotac Zbox pc with a bunch of addons. Anyhow, I’m not a big fan of remotes, one for the tv, one for the pc, one for the xbox, one for the blu-ray, one for the Apple TV, etc. I’ve been testing a few remote apps on my iPad/iPhone and my Windows 8 machines that all work pretty good. But since I use XBMC 13 (beta) as my primary media center, I finally came across a remote app for my Windows 8 tablet and pc’s that is a far cry above the rest. It’s simply named XBMC Remote and it’s available on the Windows Store. It costs $2.49. Very reasonable for what it does. [Read more…]

Hint Of A New Project

emblemsGetting parts for a new project as soon as we get some warm weather…

Deer Feeding

Deer feeding behind the garage this evening….

Remodel Complete

Many of you have asked about the progress of our kitchen/living room remodel. It’s been over a month since I’ve posted any pictures, so I’m happy to report that the remodel is complete. We still have a couple of odds and ends to take care of, but for the most part, it’s complete. We still need to find a couple of end tables and coffee table (we’re using our old ones for now), install the canister light inserts and that’s pretty much it. It’s been a long process since we started in mid September, working only weekends and evenings when weather permitted, but we’re happy with the results. It’s much more inviting and a great place to lounge around. Next on the agenda is the upstairs bathroom.

Click here to see the entire remodel unfold…

Usable Kitchen Once Again!

So, after 2 and a half months, we have a usable kitchen once again and Lenora has already started moving thing back in. This week we finished the tile work, grout and sealing, got the sink installed and the hardware on the cabinets. At least now, she can cook when she wants too. Lenora also wallpapered the one and only wall in the living room that will have wallpaper. We ordered a new leather couch for the living room from Big Sandy, but when it was delivered on Wednesday, it had a couple of damaged areas on it, so it sits in pieces in the living room until they deliver a new one today (hopefully). We still have a lot of trim to paint and install, window treatments, etc., but it won’t be long now and we can call this project complete.!

Side by side comparison from 9/19/2013 to 12/14/2013:


Grouting Complete On New Countertop

This evening, we got the grout applied to the new countertop. It’s a messy process (first two photos), but the end result is worth the hassle. (last two photos)… Tomorrow, we hope to get it sealed so we can get the oven back in place and get the sink installed. I have to give props to Lenora, she did this pretty much by herself!

Sneak Peek

Just a sneak peek of the tile installation. We spent yesterday evening and tonight finishing the install of the tile. Overall, not to complicated. Only real problem we had was the wet saw freezing up in between cuts because it was so cold outside. We may be able to grout tomorrow, if not, then Monday. Gave the single sink a test fit, it fits nicely, so hopefully, this time next week, we’ll be back to having a working kitchen again. Then it’s just a matter of finishing up trim, getting some wallpaper up, curtains hung and we can call this project complete! There’s a light at the end of the tunnel.